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Subject: [ebxml-msg] about Web Services Reliability and ebMS

Title: about Web Services Reliability and ebMS

About Web Services Reliability and ebXML Messaging:

Fujitsu, Hitachi, NEC, Oracle, SonicSoftware and Sun, have just published (today, Jan 9th)
a "Web Services Reliability" specification draft, which is expected to serve
as a starting point for a new standard initiative.

The group intends to promote a royalty-free technology for reliable message delivery
in Web Services.
Along with several members of this group, who also happen to participate in the
ebXML Messaging TC, we (Fujitsu) expect this work to converge with the next
MS reliability iteration (in ebMS V3.0), while bringing in companies which were
not committed to ebXML in the first place but which believe reliability is critical
to the deployment of Web Services.

The current specification does not assume explicit or implicit ties to a surrounding
business context (as contrasted with, for example, the ebXML concept of a conversation
as an instance of a defined collaboration). This leads to some minor differences
in the solution, that we do not see as irreconcilable at all.
We hope to align the details more as the two protocols evolve.

We hope this new initiative will resonate well with ebXML MS TC members,
and we expect some mutual benefit: the initial specification clearly borrows from
the ebXML experience, and in return the sharp focus of this group on reliability
can produce reusable results for V3.0, while addressing more explicitly the WS context.

We look forward to some form of cooperation with the ebXML Messaging TC.
For example, in the event an OASIS TC forms to standardize the specification
we have released, this could happen via a Joint Committee.
We certainly are available to discuss any aspect of this initiative
with the Messaging TC.

The WS-Reliability specification working draft is available royalty free for
download from each co-editor's Web site: (a FAQ will also be ready soon)

Fujitsu         <http://xml.fujitsu.com/en/about/ws_r.html>
Hitachi         http://www.hitachi.co.jp/soft/wsrm/
NEC             <http://www.nec.co.jp/press/ja/0301/WS-ReliabilityV1.0Public.zip>
Oracle          <http://otn.oracle.com/tech/webservices/htdocs/spec/ws-reliability.html>
Sonic Software  <http://www.sonicsoftware.com/wsreliability>
Sun Microsystems        <http://sunonedev.sun.com/platform/technologies/technologies_mv.html>


Jacques Durand, Kazunori Iwasa, Masayoshi Shimamura
Fujitsu Software
(408) 456 7917

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