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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] LZJU90 Compressed Encoding


I know that HTTP is totally fine with gzip and other binary 
formats...many web servers even support sending gzipped documents to 
clients that request it.  I also know that many (most?) SMTP servers 
support 8 bit, but that cannot be guaranteed.  I was looking for 
something that I could propose to the group that would work 
universally, perhaps optionally allowing the SOAP envelope attachment 
to be compressed as well as payloads via the transfer encoding header.

The reason I was looking at LZJU90 was that it defines compression that 
encodes.  All the compression algos I looked at produced binary output 
that would not be SMTP friendly, causing mail servers to feel compelled 
to do some encoding themselves.

On Monday, January 13, 2003, at 09:53  AM, Doug Bunting wrote:

> Matt,
> Is this specifically for SMTP?  I'm wondering about the gzip'd HTTP 
> option.  I'm not sure how widely deployed that option might be but 
> wonder if a similar option is available now that many (most?) SMTP 
> implementations are (supposedly) 8 bit clean.  Must admit I'm not sure 
> the UTF-8 emails I've received were not base64 encoded on the wire.
> I guess this is a bunch of questions: Are you focused on SMTP?  Does 
> modern SMTP support a compression option that doesn't require base64 
> encoding?  Is that option widely available?
> thanx,
>    doug
> Matthew MacKenzie wrote:
>> On Saturday, January 11, 2003, at 11:05  AM, William J. Kammerer 
>> wrote:
>>> Sounds fascinating.  Let us know if you find out more.  But I would
>>> think it really isn't necessary anymore considering that ZIP is such 
>>> a
>>> ubiquitous format - a BASE64 encoded ZIPped attachment serves the 
>>> same
>>> purpose, doesn't it?
>> It serves the same purpose, but Base64 adds ~33% to the unencoded 
>> file size, plus the added CPU overhead of both decoding and 
>> unzipping.  I'm looking for something better.
>> Regards,
>> Matt
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