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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Compression/Performance Roundup

During the last meeting, we discussed the topic of compression of ebXML 
Messages.  The discussion branched out into a dialogue on performance 
of message transmission and processing.

 From that dialogue, I've compiled a summary of the issues that we need 
to discuss for version 3.0.  These issues are really just talking 
points for the general topic of performance, which a v3 implementation 
of nearly anything has to take into account.

- Compression algorithms for use with MIME "Transfer Encoding".
- XML Compression
- Compression and its relationship to encryption and digital signature.
	- Compression before encryption allegedly provides more throughput at 
the expense of CPU.  Do we spec comp-before-enc, or investigate S/MIME?
- Specification of performance measures for both SMTP and HTTP.
- Review of current "profile" section in the spec with an eye toward 
integrating performance considerations into various profiles, e.g.


If I missed anything, please add to this.


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