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Subject: [ebxml-msg] RefToMessageId element usage

ebMS TC members, 

I'd like to raise an issue about RefToMessageId element usage. In the
usage, there is a mismatch between ebMS specification and CPPA

CPPA V2.0 specification says:

    Appendix F Correspondence Between CPA and ebXML Messaging Parameters
    RefToMessageId element    ... SHOULD be used for correlating
                                  response messages with request
                                  messages                   (p.150)

The description means that a business response message SHOULD use
RefToMessageId, even if the message is not specific types of message:
Acknowledgment, Error, StatusResponse or Pong Message.

However the ebMS specification V2.0 does not specify such RefToMessageId
usage. In the specification, RefToMessageId is used by only the specific
types of message.

The RefToMessageId usage described by CPPA specification seems popular.
Please add this issue to ebMS issue list to resolve this mismatch
between ebMS and CPPA specification.


SHIMAMURA Masayoshi <shima.masa@jp.fujitsu.com>
TEL:+81-45-476-4590(ext.7128-4241)  FAX:+81-45-476-4749(ext.7128-6780)
Strategy Planning Dep., Strategy and Technology Div., Software Group, 

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