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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] 2.0revc crashes word!

Yes, I had that problem when simply viewing 2.0 (I can't find the word 
source for the "C" version) and not purposely changing anything with 
Word 2002.  I don't remember experiencing it with Word 2000.  The 
situation improved when I turned off change tracking, which is not a 
very good solution when your edits need to be apparent to reviewers. 
Other things I would suggest: turn off line numbering temporarily, 
switch to "normal" view instead of "print layout", and save as RTF and 
re-open it from the RTF file to see if the complexities are reduced.

Docbook is sounding better all the time....


Matthew MacKenzie wrote:
> Has anyone else had MS Word XP crash when attempting minor edits to the 
> ebMS 2.0revC document?  It gives me a "Document Formatting is too 
> complex" message, and quits.
> -matt

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