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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] 2.0revc crashes word!


I've been trying everything.  It actually crashed while saving as RTF.  
Its even crashing on Office v.X (Mac OS X).  OpenOffice reads it without 
crashing, but messes up a lot of the formatting.

I'll try some of the comments you suggested and cross my fingers :-)


ps> I got the "c" source from searching for ebMS_v2_0rev_c.zip on google.

Pete Wenzel wrote:

> Yes, I had that problem when simply viewing 2.0 (I can't find the word 
> source for the "C" version) and not purposely changing anything with 
> Word 2002.  I don't remember experiencing it with Word 2000.  The 
> situation improved when I turned off change tracking, which is not a 
> very good solution when your edits need to be apparent to reviewers. 
> Other things I would suggest: turn off line numbering temporarily, 
> switch to "normal" view instead of "print layout", and save as RTF and 
> re-open it from the RTF file to see if the complexities are reduced.
> Docbook is sounding better all the time....
> --Pete
> Matthew MacKenzie wrote:
>> Has anyone else had MS Word XP crash when attempting minor edits to 
>> the ebMS 2.0revC document?  It gives me a "Document Formatting is too 
>> complex" message, and quits.
>> -matt

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