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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] RE: "application" vs MSH


You have provided an excellent discussion of "application" is it relates to the MSH.

I have one concern:  You say: "This contract may be realized via an abstract interface between MSH and application, which is outside the scope of ebMS."  I agree that the message service team has made that abstract interface outside the scope of ebMS.  My concern is that it is not in anyone's scope.  Without a proper specification of that interface as a standard, there is no guarantee of interoperability between the software components above the MSH at two communicating parties.  There is no guarantee that the statements that you have extracted from the MSH specification form a complete or proper definition of that interface.  Only a concerted effort to produce a complete specification of that interface has a chance of providing confidence that the definition is complete.


At 01:11 PM 6/4/2003 -0700, Jacques Durand wrote:

Some attempt to clarify the notion of "application" in ebMS,
as discussed last time. See attached...


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Martin Sachs
standards architect
Cyclone Commerce

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