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Subject: Standard API for ebXML Messaging

A reoccuring issue for those who are new to ebXML Messaging is the lack 
of a standardized API into the backend of the messaging system.  By 
'backend', I'm referring to the application binding side of the server.  
The API that an application such as an EJB or perl module would need to 
use in order to register itself with the messaging service, forward 
outbound messages to the MSH for delivery to, and receive inbound 
messages from the MSH.

We at Yellow Dragon have created our own proprietary API for integrating 
MSH services into business logic, and I am sure all of the other vendors 
(there are at least 12 of you) have done the same. 

Is there any interest among vendors and other parties to start work on a 
standardized API?

Matthew MacKenzie
Yellow Dragon Software Corporation
m: +1 506.869.0175

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