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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] Standard API for ebXML Messaging

If someone could forward this to ebxml-dev, I'd apreciate it. 

Matthew MacKenzie wrote:

> A reoccuring issue for those who are new to ebXML Messaging is the 
> lack of a standardized API into the backend of the messaging system.  
> By 'backend', I'm referring to the application binding side of the 
> server.  The API that an application such as an EJB or perl module 
> would need to use in order to register itself with the messaging 
> service, forward outbound messages to the MSH for delivery to, and 
> receive inbound messages from the MSH.
> We at Yellow Dragon have created our own proprietary API for 
> integrating MSH services into business logic, and I am sure all of the 
> other vendors (there are at least 12 of you) have done the same.
> Is there any interest among vendors and other parties to start work on 
> a standardized API?

Matthew MacKenzie
Yellow Dragon Software Corporation
m: +1 506.869.0175

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