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Subject: Delay in next update [Re: Issues list updated on web site]

I am ready to update Kavi with an issues list reflecting yesterday's 
meeting.  However, the entire OASIS site appears to be offline at the 

(I doubt this will give me time to reset the status of many 'Active' 
issues already fixed in the final 2.0 text or otherwise really closed.)

Sorry for the delay,

On 05-Aug-03 17:22, Doug Bunting wrote:
> After a fairly major set of changes to all files (XML, XSL, DTD and the 
> output HTML), I have just updated everything on the web site.  As 
> before, only the HTML works when accessed on the web.  Please download 
> the Zip file if you would prefer to run the transformation on every view.
> The latest files reflect our decisions from the last teleconference.  I 
> note that one issue was closed and a number moved to the new "Pending" 
> status -- waiting for a meeting with quorum.  It is possible we closed 
> more than that but I was not sure and played things conservatively.
> thanx,
>     doug

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