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Subject: New Issues (from IIC)

Mike Kass and I identified the following new issues during the course
of reviewing the conformance specification.

Section, Line 1325
"@location MUST be an XPointer" is too ambiguous.  Need a more
explicit specification of the allowed XPointer format(s).  Also,
include a real example at line 1336, instead of saying
"URI of ds:Signature".

Section, Lines 1345-6
The statement Short Description "MUST NOT be used in the content of
the Error element" does not make sense.  Error is a complex type, so
it has no data content.  If this was intended to refer to the content
of the Error/Description element, line 1331 says this is vendor-
defined, so why make this prohibition?  Suggest removing the bullet.

Section 9.2, Lines 2047-50
This describes the error condition in which SyncReply is present, but
does not describe the case in which Reliable Messaging is not used, or
is not in once-and-only-once mode (missing either DuplicateElimination
or AckRequested toPartyMSH, as required by lines 1999-2000).  Suggest
adding a new paragraph after line 2050 for this case, with same
errorCode and Error.

Section, Lines 1326-7
What are the possible Payload Container error cases that must cause
such an error to be reported?
(This might not be a spec issue, but more of a request from IIC for
guidance.  In other words, how can we test that errors of this type
are properly reported?)

Pete Wenzel <pete@seebeyond.com>
Standards & Product Strategy
+1-626-471-6311 (US-Pacific)

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