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Subject: RE: [ebxml-msg] 15-Oct Concall Details

Title: RE: [ebxml-msg] 15-Oct Concall Details


don't forget to vote before Monday the ebMS conf test suite (finally):



We have completed our Committee Draft candidate for ebMS condformance test suite.

It is currently posted on our IIC site (see ebxml_ms_20_conf_testsuite.zip )
In this package, the doc to review (the one put for vote) is:IIC_MS_Conformance_TestSuite_V1.0.doc
The other docs serve as context (your comments on them are welcome too)

In order to be approved as a COmmittee Draft (formerly "committee specification"),
we need to have 2/3 of total membership approving it.

The voting will be conducted by email (please email to me: Approve: YES / NO/ ABST)
The voting period will be: starting Monday Oct 6th from 11am PT , closing Monday Oct 13th at 11am PT.

The current membership is listed below: PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CAST YOUR VOTE, as we need
approval from  2/3 of total membership !

Eck, Jeffrey    Jeffrey.Eck@gxs.ge.com  GXS   
Durand, Jacques jdurand@fsw.fujitsu.com Fujitsu
Kass, Michael   michael.kass@nist.gov   NIST  
MacKenzie, Matthew      matt@yellowdragonsoft.com       YellowDragon  
Turpin, Jeff    Jturpin@cyclonecommerce.com     CycloneCommerce
Mukkamala, Himagiri     Himagiri@sybase.com     Sybase
Wenzel, Pete    Pete@SeeBeyond.com      SeeBeyond     
Yung, Steve     Steven.Yung@sun.com     Sun   
Serm Kulvataniu         NIST  
 Martin, Monica J.      mmartin@certivo.net     Sun   
 Sakach, Tim    tsakach@certivo.net     Drake Certivo 
Gomez Aaron     aaron@drummondgroup.com Drummond Group

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