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Subject: Groups - Weekly Call added

Weekly Call has been added by Ian Jones (ian.c.jones@bt.com).

Event description:
Weekly Call

Dial-in Number:
Participant Access Code:

Outstanding Actions

Issue 226 Ack on Ack requires resolution Vote.

2 Possible work items:
Version 2.X proposed as a bug fix and minor enhancements that would be compatible with 2.0.

      Version 3.0 proposed as a major enhancement to include rework to be Soap 1.2 based and compatible with WS-Security and WS-Reliability and any other relevant WS-? Specifications available at the time of development.

Propsal is to produve version2.X in the short term to address all erratta and minor issues whils in parrallel start the re-work of 2.0 into a format for 3.0 

Work Items

Issue 233 Role element - resolution and vote

Issue 234 Sequence number and Ack Use - resolution and vote

Issue 235 Relationship of various sending Identities - resolution and vote

Issue 236 Schema ambiguity - resolution and vote


Date of Next Meeting.

October 22nd 11:00 Pacific    Host: Mike Dillon Drummond Group

Date:  Wednesday, 15 October 2003
Time:  11:00am - 12:00pm Pacific Time

View event details:

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