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Subject: [Fwd: Re: [ubl] ACTION: VOTE: UBL 1.0 Beta Committee Draft]

More help from the UBL TC...

     SunNetwork EMEA 2003 Conference and Pavilion
"Get Connected to the Future of Network Computing!"

	WHEN: December 3-4, 2003
	WHERE: ICC * Berlin, Germany

For more information or to register for the
conference, please visit http://sun.com/sunnetwork.

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Hello UBL voting members,

I've been informed by OASIS staff that the TC process now requires
seven days for this kind of vote.  So I've changed the closing
date from 24 November to 26 November.

However, it's still possible to close the balloting if we get
enough yes votes for certain approval before that date, so please
go to the site and cast your ballot as soon as possible.

Note that this is NOT the usual "common consent" vote where you
can simply do nothing if you have no objection.  You MUST cast a
ballot for your vote to be registered.  Committee Drafts require a
2/3 majority of all the voting members, and we're so far only at
24 percent.


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