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Subject: Report for ebMS Committee - 3rd quarter 2003 ebMS Interoperability Test

Hi all,


For your information, attached is a formal report to the committee from Drummond Group, Inc.,

on the results of the latest ebXML Message Service Specification Interoperability Test facilitated

by Drummond through the eBusinessReady.org program.


We hope that this report is useful in helping the committee understand what features are being

implemented, the level of interoperability and the additional consensus agreements we have

found necessary to provide interoperability between multiple product offerings of the standard.


We are encouraged that during the test seven software vendors with nine products total were able

to prove interoperability through a rigorous and mature process, including vendors that were new to

the DGI/UCC eBusinessReady program. It is a strong testament to the hard work of many and the

underlying quality of the standard.


A notable feature of the last test was the interoperability of six vendors over XML Encryption and

SSL Client Authentication features as prescribed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


There is also a more detailed Final Report located at http://www.ebusinessready.org/ebxml.html




Mike Dillon




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