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Subject: Messaging TC Version 3.0 feature preview Announcement



        below is a slightly updated copy of the e-mail I sent you early in December for distribution as far and as wide as we can to capture any comments.  I have moved the comment date back to allow time for comments, as I do not think we will start detailed work until March.


Ian Jones


The OASIS Messaging Services TC has produced a messaging service 3.x feature preview white paper: 


It outlines the proposed development of the features to be included in version 3 of the OASIS Messaging Service specification.  The paper contains the functionality that may be changed or added to the existing version 2 specification with reasons and the implications of those changes.  The TC invites comments from any interested parties, both about the functionality described and any other functionality changes or additions that may be added to the paper for further discussion.


A final version will be published during January as the TC proposes to complete the scope of version 3 by March 1, 2004; comments are invited until this time.


Ian Jones

Chair OASIS Messaging Service TC

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