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Subject: wiki for spec collaboration


What do you think of collaborating on the 3.0 specification using Wiki? Basically, once our requirements list is updated, I can start the basis of the 3.0 specification in a word processor. It would contain all of the boilerplate text + an outline of all of the sections. That would be posted on the wiki, and topics would be created for each section. We could all edit the document until some agreed upon time, then I would transfer all of the text and images into the actual document and begin a more traditional draft process.

If you are working offline, or we are at a face to face without net connections, I would create a barebones word file with all of the current wiki text for us to work on in the f2f, or you could just write a text file and update the wiki with it next time you are online.

I think this could work and could speed up the process, as well as leave us with a better quality spec.

Matthew MacKenzie
Senior Architect
Intelligent Documents Business Unit
Adobe Systems Canada Inc.
506 869.0949

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