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Subject: [no subject]

8.1 General Constraints on XML Signature

8.1.1 Use Detached Signatures

Due to the nature of the SOAP processing model, which is based on
recognising the elements that are children of soap:Header and/or
soap:Body use of enveloping signatures, where the signed XML is
encapsulated in a ds:Signature element, is inappropriate. Similarly, the
definition of SOAP headers and body content will typically not
anticipate the presence of ds:Signature as a child element, so enveloped
signatures are also inappropriate. Consequently this profile mandates
use of detached signatures.

R3102 XML Signatures in a MESSAGE MUST be Detached Signatures as defined
by the XML Signature specification. 

Neither enveloping nor enveloped signatures are supported.



Ian Jones
Chair OASIS ebXML Messaging Services TC

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