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Subject: ebMS and WS

Title: ebMS and WS

As preliminary work for planning ebMS V3, it appears that there is some
positioning to resolve with regard to Web Services, as previously discussed.
That would certainly help sort out the candidate features for V3.

Part of this work, is about defining the right set of features for V3, that address
specific messaging requirements at a level that adds significant value to SOAP.

Another aspect, is the level of compatibility "on the wire", e.g.
better compliance with the SOAP extensibility model, but also compliance
with WS capabilities currently far enough on the standard track,
and at least 1 WS-I profile...

A third aspect, is the relationship with WSDL.
My position on WSDL would be orthogonality:
V3 should show enough value without its use, i.e. not require it, yet allow for it as an add-on.
Besides WSDL support for aspects other than the core messaging itself (e.g. CPA).
I see two major ways WSDL can be "added" to ebMS:
- A general "messaging" WSDL that would define a general messaging port, (again accessory,
and also rather challenging...)
- service-specific WSDL for service integration (i.e. application specific),
which defines ebMS as a WSDL binding among others. (though that seems out of our scope)

Just matter of kicking-off (or framing) the debate...


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