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Subject: Draft Minutes from 3/31 Call

See attachment.

Pete Wenzel <pete@seebeyond.com>
Senior Architect, SeeBeyond
Standards & Product Strategy
+1-626-471-6311 (US-Pacific)
OASIS ebXML Messaging TC
Weekly Meeting
March 31, 2004
Draft Minutes

1. Roll

Pete (scribe)

2. Approve minutes of last meeting

3/24 minutes approved without objection.

3. Actions from last meeting

  1.  Doug is continuing issues list work.
  Will reconcile dispositions with decisions documented in meeting notes.
  Will get next 50-60 issues posted, ready to be discussed by end of week.
  Some notes had been inserted in the Resolution field, but were editorial
  opinion, not group decisions.  These will be moved so there is no

  2. Ian to draft a refined charter within the Guidelines to reflect our
     current work also be checked via Karl Best and Jamie Clark

  3. Ian to continue to liase with WS-Reliability and approach WS-CAF
     about joint meeting etc.

  4. All to review requirements on Wiki site and add detail and comments.

  5. Ian to directly invite comments from other organizations identified
     in point above.

  6. A volunteer needed to convert requirements HTML document to Wiki
  Doug: Weren't the reqs folded into the 3.0 whitepaper?
  Matt: Prefer to have a separate req document.
    Conversion is not a high priority.  Getting a solid req doc
    done before F2F should be a priority.

NEW ACTION (Jeff/Dale): Add reqs from whitepaper to issues list, identify
and remove duplicates.

  7. Matt to add a link from our main OASIS Kavi documents to the Wiki
     based work.

  8. All please review the Version 2.1 comments.
  Action should be to review the draft and send comments.
  Also issue disposition document.

  9. Jeff to publish heading level version 3 outline.

  10. Team to review F.A.Q. list.

  11. Jeff to own compatibility appendix.
  Discussion of the relationship of this to the multihop issue.  Perhaps
  needs to be a separate issue.

NEW ACTION (unassigned): Draft assessment of interoperability when
using multihop feature.

4. Issue list - Doug
Make sure that discussion and decisions are properly reflected as
Doug publishes more of the list.  Many are editorial issues, so
Matt will make the editorial changes unless objections are raised.

5. Version 2.1
Topic was covered above.

6. Wiki site - Matt
Pete noticed access control was not enabled; everyone has anonymous write
Matt has not locked it down, because the site is not yet being used much,
  so no incentive.  Will look into it when necessary.

7. Positioning Version 3.0 messaging compared to Web Services
    inc. Jacques e-mail
Doug: Need to take Jacques' core idea and figure out what to do in the 3.0
  document; which standards we will adopt to replace/extend our capabilities.
Jacques: Also important to have an easy way of discussing ebMS and its
  relationship to WS.  Would like WSDL to remain orthogonal, neither to
  rule it out nor to rely on it, lest we look too much like WS.
Dale: We need the ability to "market" ebMS.  Users are overwhelmed by
  the quantity of WS-* specs and how to compose them.  Our angle is
  that we simplify the selection and use of the specs that are relevant
  to eBusiness.
Jacques thinks equivalent composite WS-I profiles are at least 2 years off.
Dale: Agree, we still have a niche to fill.
Pete: Keep these issues in mind when reviewing the FAQ.  Ian has put
  in some positioning text already.

8. Requirements from preview paper
Addressed by new action above.

9. Version 3.0
Topic was covered above.  Nothing more to discuss.

10. Charter revision
NEW ACTION (all): Review new charter document.

11. FAQ - Comments!
Action will carry over.

12. A.O.B.
Doug: We need to discuss the BSP signature issue in a future meeting.

Next call is April 7, hosted by Jacques/Fujitsu.

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