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Subject: Volunteers!


So far, I've only been able to tag myself, Ian, Jacques and Jeff (thanks guys) with some work for 3.0. In case you missed our f2f (tsk tsk), our current plan is to leapfrog 2.1 and come out with 3.0 ASAP. ASAP == November. Ian will probably fill in the details on Wednesday.

Our approach is to separate the work into "proposals", that can be easily worked into the master specification. Who is willing to take a bite of this particular pie? I would be most happy to hear volunteers step up and say "sure, I'll specify a section or two", but also excellent would be hearing that some of you are committing to doing in depth review of incoming draft proposals.

Talk to you Wednesday (if I can, I am flying right around meeting time).

Matthew MacKenzie
Senior Architect
IDBU Server Solutions
Adobe Systems Canada Inc.
+1 (506) 871.5409

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