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Subject: Latest editor's draft / HTML

http://www.mac-kenzie.net/ebms-v3/wd-ebms-3_0-01.html <-- Didn't want to brave KAVI because I have subdirs and stuff.

- I've spent a whole lot of time getting the 2.1 msword document moved over. I'm getting there.
- I've redone the first two images in the document.
- Manifest is now written into the SOAP:Header
- ISSUE: How do we refer to payloads in SOAP:Body
- ISSUE: Can payload 0 be in SOAP:Body, and payload 1..n be in MIME parts?

Comments, text replacements...bring em on. Keep in mind that I am still porting content to docbook, so a lot of this needs to change when we start doing "real" editing.
Matthew MacKenzie
Senior Architect
IDBU Server Solutions
Adobe Systems Canada Inc.
+1 (506) 871.5409

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