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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] [Fwd: Fwd: BER To XML Data Conversion]

Thanks, but I already forwarded this to the list. Might want to check on that next time.

On May 21, 2004, at 9:30 AM, Monica J. Martin wrote:

Should this be of interest.

"Brian G. Holmes" <bgh@holmespun.biz>
Date: May 20, 2004 4:17:30 PM ADT
To: ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: Fwd: BER To XML Data Conversion

A reader at XML-DEV suggested that I cross-post this message to you here. I have only begun to read the information about ebXML, but it does appear that my message may be of some interest to you.

Thank you.


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: BER To XML Data Conversion
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 11:01:35 -0400
From: Brian G. Holmes <bgh@holmespun.biz>
Organization: Holmespun Solutions, LLC
To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org


Hello! I am new to XML, and have just discovered XML-DEV. I am
writing to you now to request comments, suggestions, and
recommendations on some work I am doing. You could say that I am also
looking for the problem that fits my solution. :)

I have written some software that converts protocol data from the
binary BER format to XML. BER is a popular format for encoding
protocols that are defined using ASN.1.

The conversion process is protocol-specific. The software applies
element names and data formats as per the ASN.1 protocol definition.
The software is capable of handling several of the current protocols
defined by ASN.1, and that support can be easily extended to include
many others. Popular protocols such as SNMP, LDAP, MAP, TCAP, and
X.509 are already supported.

Most of these protocols are easy 'base' protocols. But the software
is also able to support the massive and complex GSM/UMTS MAP protocol,
where it must perform the MAP conversion based on information is takes
from a TCAP base. I hope to support X.509 certificate extensions in a
similar manner in the future.

Please see http://www.holmespun.biz/berasno/ for details and examples.

I am currently working on the XML to BER conversion functionality. I
would like to find a partner or a sponsor... or at least hear some
words of encouragement... before I spend too much more of my time.

Obviously, I am not sure how useful the functionality is, but it seems
to be unique, so I thought I would write to ask for your opinions.

What do you think of the functionality in general?

Do you know of anyone else working on this sort of functionality?

Do you know of any commercial use for this functionality?

What do you think of my implementation of it specifically?

How could the resulting XML be improved?

Are there other protocols that you would like to see supported?

Do you have some data that you would like to see converted?

Please feel free to forward this message to anyone else you think
might be interested.

Thank you.


Holmespun Solutions, LLC

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Matthew MacKenzie
Senior Architect
IDBU Server Solutions
Adobe Systems Canada Inc.
+1 (506) 871.5409

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