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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] CSMA Back-Off Algorithm

This is a very interesting proposal. May we know how the CSMA algorithm 
helps to improve the retry mechaism?
Regards, -Patrick

Matthew MacKenzie wrote:

>On the topic of improving our retry algorithm, I think a variant of the
>Back-Off algorithm used in Carrier Sense Multiple Access may be suitable.
>Me may want to specify a "reset interval", so that the delay does not built
>up to such a high number that the message is never transmitted after an
>extended loss of connectivity.
>"Each sender will delay after a collision before attempting to retransmit.
>If they will delay for the same time, another collision will occur. That¹s
>why each sender chooses a random delay between 0 and d (d is some standard
>delay value). If, nevertheless, another collision occurs, each computer
>doubles the range from which the delay is chosen,  that means, the random
>delay will now be between 0 and 2d. If another collision occurs the range
>will be between 0 and 4d and so onŠ After each collision the range of the
>random delay increases exponentially, therefore the probability of collision
>rapidly decreases and after few iterations becomes negligible."
>Matthew MacKenzie
>Senior Architect
>IDBU Server Solutions
>Adobe Systems Canada Inc.
>+1 (506) 871.5409
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