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Subject: about async responses

Title: about async responses

Precision on how reliable async "responses" could be handled:

First a reminder that ebMS Request-response MEP was implicit in ebMS 2.0 with reftomessageid,
and additionally for synchronous case, with SyncReplyMode.

Assuming a more explicit notion of ebMS Request-response:
When asynchronous, such an ebMS-level MEP does not necessarily map to a single SOAP Request-response MEP instance (the HTTP binding of which is - though not necessarily - commonly defined as an HTTP Request-response).

An asynchronous ebMS Request-response does not have to involve WS-R Deliver+Respond.
these two messages do not have to appear as a pair Request / Response at RMP level:
they may be handled as two unrelated SOAP messages (submitted to RMP via "Submit" operation), and therefore subject to same WS-Reliability handling (same RM features).

(They could map to - for example - two SOAP One-way MEP instances.)

This of course does not hold for synchronous ebMS Request-responses, but then their likely binding to
an underlying synchronous protocol will not require the same handling of reliability for Responses.


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