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Subject: Oct 13th Agenda & Draft


Firstly, here is a link to the latest editors draft of ebMS 3.0.  You 
will find that a lot has changed, and a lot has not changed (yet).  
Most notably, we now have integrated WS-Reliability.


Next, here is an agenda for our meeting tomorrow:

1. Roll call
2. Review of Section 10.6 (Reliable messaging module) [ 
http://b.ydcorp.com/ebms/trunk/wd-ebms-3_0-02.html#id727482 ]
3. SOAP w/ Attachments for SOAP 1.2 discussion: should we use MTOM/XOP 
or compose an W3C Note for SwA for SOAP 1.2

Call details:

Date/Time:		October 13, 2004, 02:00 PM America/Montreal
Meeting ID:		31337
Local: 408-536-9900
International: +1-408-536-9900

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