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Subject: Use of SOAP 1.1 & SOAP 1.2 - Comments please

Use of SOAP 1.1 & SOAP 1.2 - Comments please

During a recent call the discussion of packaging of "attachments" carried as part of an ebXML message identified the current position of SOAP 1.2 having no approved or supported "attachments" mechanism.   This lead to a wider discussion on the migration to using SOAP 1.2 as a component of ebXML messaging version 3.0.

The following issues and comments were identified:-
WS-I is focused on SOAP 1.1 profiles.  ( We wish to be close to or compatible with WS-I profiles to aid interoperability.)
WS-I basic security profile is only defined for SOAP 1.1.
WS-Security 2004 (SOAP with attachments) is SOAP 1.1 only.
Tool support for development and use of SAOP 1.2 are limited.
Lack of SOAP 1.2 approved "Attachmate" specification (MTOM) approval - this is expect soon, but its suitability must bee assessed once the final version is available.
Lack of deployed architectures supporting SOAP 1.2

Due to all of the above consideration is being given to reverting the existing position of moving to use SOAP 1.2 as part of ebXML messaging version 3.0 messaging and stay with SOAP 1.1 as used in ebXML messaging version 2.0.

We invite all comments and discussion on this vital topic and wish to hear and understand all views form interested parties

Thak you

Ian Jones
Chair OASIS ebXML Messaging Services TC 

Email: ian.c.jones@bt.com 

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