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Subject: Pull Module

Sorry I missed the call last week. You may have already discussed this on
last weeks call, but I have some questions on the Pull Module document. From
my initial reading, the Pull Module document describes "pulling" a single
ebXML Message with multiple payloads. However, some of the Pull Module
elements such as MaxMessages and NumOfMessages refer to "Messages". Do these
elements actually refer to the number of payloads/attachments or the number
of ebXML Messages? In the F-2-F in London, we initially defined the Pull
Module as a single business message MEP. This meaning that the PullResponse
would be a single ebXML Message containing one or more payloads/attachments,
which all belong to a single business process identified by the Service and
Action element values. All the payloads in this message are identified by
the single MessageId value in the PullResponse message. It is unclear to me
if this is Iwasa's intention in his document. One reason I ask is that in
his PullAcknowledgment example he has included a WS-Reliablility response
which appears to be replying for all the payloads in the PullResponse
message??? I guess I just want to be clear on what he is defining as a
Message and what he is defining as a Payload. Cheers!

Jeff Turpin
Cyclone Commerce, Inc.

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