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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] Updated Schema


A few comments, realizing this is an early draft of the schema:

- I do not understand why HeaderBaseType is used so frequently.  Can 
PayloadInfo, Payload, Processing, Step and Error all appear at the top 
level (that is, directly within soap:Header)?

- We were previously quite explicit about where "unknown" elements may be 
inserted through judicious use of the <any /> extension point.  Which 
elements now require this extension point and should we be similarly 
explicit in the new schema?

- The headerExtension.grp attribute group allows (but does not require) 
soap:mustUnderstand through its <anyAttribute /> extension point.  The 2.0 
schema explicitly required this attribute on every header element.

- The 2.0 schema did not use a base type for all headers.  In the new 
schema, we are using a base type which includes an <any /> extension point. 
  This means the <any /> extension point for the affected elements (see 
first two points above) has moved from the end of the content model to the 

- Where the same element name is used with the same type multiple times, we 
should probably be consistent and use a top-level <element /> declaration. 
  Role is one candidate for a new declaration.

- The PayloadInfo / Payload / Processing / Step / Parameter hierarchy seems 
rather complicated.  How would overall processing of the entire message be 
described?  I am not sure why we need to contain the list of Payload 
elements inside an otherwise-empty PayloadInfo element.  Similarly, why not 
create a list of ProcessingStep elements directly in the Payload (or 
Payloads for overall processing should we allow that)?  Do the steps 
require a sequence identifier in addition to ordering the list?  Should the 
Parameter@value attribute instead be carried as the Parameter content (that 
is "<Parameter name='foo'>bar</Parameter>" rather than "<Parameter 
name='foo' value='bar'></Parameter>")?  My apologies if I have previously 
missed a discussion of this part of the schema.

- We have an open 2.0 issue about the Schema element.  My previous 
suggestion was that this element identify the relevant namespace as well as 
the version and location.

- How is the Service element's content model different from that of Action? 
  It seems like no actual extension occurs for Service and the content 
model could be simplified to make this more explicit.

- Creating MessageHeaderType (which is used just once) seems inconsistent 
with the rest of the schema.  Why not just put the content model within the 
MessageHeader element declaration?

- How is the tns:non-negative-integer type different from 
xs:nonNegativeInteger?  Using xs:nonNegativeInteger in the sequence 
attribute declaration (the only place this type is used) seems easier than 
creating a vacuous restriction.

- The names of the various types declared seem inconsistent.  I can 
understand HeaderBaseType (and MessageHeaderType) for a type used only in 
element declarations.  But, status.type and non-empty-string (for example) 
do not follow a similar capitalization rule and identify their "typeness" 
differently or not at all.  We should either capitalize all types 
consistently or come up with a split (element / attribute type) rule that 
covers non-empty-string (used in both attributes and elements).  All type 
names should consistently have (or not) a "Type" or ".type" suffix.


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