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Subject: Notes from 1/28, F2F Day 3

Notes from 1/28, Day 3 of F2F
  Jacques Durand
  Matt MacKenzie
  Jeff Turpin
  Pete Wenzel

Present previously this week, for final roll call:
  Doug Bunting
  Ian Jones (phone)
  Dale Moberg (phone)

    Alan Weissberger
    Hamid Ben Malek

> Discussion about status of WS-Addressing, and potential for using it
for our addressing & routing needs.

Looking at current (1/25) Editor's Draft <http://w3.org/2002/ws/addr/>
of the core spec, we find that we could make use of most of the properties
that it defines:

wsa:To -> eb:MessageHeader/To
wsa:From -> eb:MessageHeader/From
wsa:MessageID -> eb:MessageHeader/MessageData/MessageId
wsa:RelatesTo -> eb:MessageHeader/MessageData/RefToMessageId
wsa:Action -> eb:MessageHeader/Action (but what about eb:.../Service?)
wsa:ReplyTo, wsa:FaultTo -> ??

That leaves ConversationId and TimeStamp as the only remaining children
of eb:MessageHeader, so does it make sense to eliminate MessageHeader
and make these two top-level SOAP headers?

What about PullRequest/RefToMessageId?  If we try to fit WS-Addressing
to this purpose, we could define a wsa:RelatesTo/@RelationshipType URI
that has "query for messages related to this message ID" semantics.
** Issue: What about eb:PullRequest/To?

General agreement that our use of WS-Addressing would be a positive
convergence step.

** Issue: Why did we remove TimeToLive, and do we have a requirement
for keeping it?

** Issue: ebMS To/From may repeat and be qualified as various types of
Party IDs.  WS-Addressing To/From is lacking.

> 4. Complete review of specification identify outstanding work
>    Examples
>    Bindings
>    Appendices

Matt is working on Payload Services
Jacques is doing Reliability, MEPs and Pull.
Need someone to do error handling.

Will publish a new draft prior to next conference call, and evaluate
the state of everything at that time.

> 5. Requirements for future work and F2F

> 6. BPSS alignment & CPA version control / identification

Pete Wenzel <pete@seebeyond.com>
Senior Architect, SeeBeyond
Standards & Product Strategy
+1-626-471-6311 (US-Pacific)

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