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Subject: No call April 6 and other questions.


	once again I can not see a great value in holding a call this week as we still do not have the Version 3 draft available.  (I am chasing this.)   We must have one next week to decided what we are going to do - any suggestions will be acceptable and discussed.  I'll post details as soon as I can and the agenda will reflect what happens!

	We still have no discussion on the use of WS-BaseFaults, the last comment was it may not be suitable but we have not made a decision one way or another.

	Should we be defining an abstract or prescriptive processing model?

	What is ebMS MSH?  

	What payload services should we be defining / considering / excluding?

	Any other questions / discussions on the list


Ian Jones
Chair OASIS ebXML Messaging Services TC 

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