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Subject: messaging model

Proposed addition to the 3.0 draft: a "messaging model" section, that lays out the main concepts and the abstract operations.

Attached is a short draft of what it could be. The natural place for it seems to be Section 5.3.


Please note the following:

-          definition of "ebMS user message" (formerly "with business semantics"). Prefer to avoid the term "business" here, and more abstractly refer to any entity "using" the   MSH for sending or receiving.

-          The definition of roles (Sending / Receiving) to which conformance requirements can be selectively attached later.

-          I did not find a justification for the "Respond" operation on MSH (this one was justified on RMP because the reliablity of responses was handled differently). For a receiving MSH, a message expecting a response will tell which type of MEP should the response be sent on (e.g. synchronously or not). So the response can still be submitted by "Submit". As for correlating messages, a messageID reference can be passed as argument of Submit (not justifying a new op).


For review.


I will send more comments on current draft soon.




V3-model- contribution.doc

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