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Subject: ebXML TCs 5/24/2004: ebxml-jc Call Notice 25 May 2005

Call in details:
ebxml-jc Bi-Weekly Teleconference (Conference Call)
Description Toll-free (US): 1-877-330-9868, hit ** and when prompted 
Toll-paid: 909-472-3386, enter 877-330-9868 when prompted. Refer to 
Toll-free instructions above to complete.

Tentative Agenda:
1. Technical White Paper outline
 a. Response from Architecture (Hardin) 
 b. IIC deployment Template (Durand)
 c. Any feedback from team on outline, add of Architecture and Messaging 
update (24 May 2005)
2. Other business
 a. Request from FWSI

We welcome others to join. Updated working draft of technical white 
paper is available upon request until I get changes made to this site to 
make the document available to everyone (how site was originally 
configured). Thanks for your consideration.

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