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Subject: Norwegian ebXML Case Study presented at OASIS Adoption Forum, London, 17 October

Hello members of the ebXML Messaging TC,

As you may know, OASIS is organizing its adoption forum in London, UK, on
17th October.
We have recently added an interesting presentation to the programme: a case
study of ebXML Messaging used as communications system in the Norwegian
healthcare system, where ebMS and PKI provide an end-to-end security
solution. This system has been in production for more than two years and
already interconnects several thousands of endpoints. The presenter, Mr.
Øyvind Gjørven, is actually the project manager responsible for the system.


Mr Gjørven would certainly appreciate feedback from, and more visibility for
his project in, the ebXML community, so I very much hope you or your
colleagues are able to attend the forum. If you have additional questions or
comments, feel free to contact me. Also feel free to forward this note to
your colleagues.

Kind regards,

Pim van der Eijk
Mobile +31 6 22502011.

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