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Subject: Section 1.x, Version 3.0 comments and questions

1.0   Introduction paragraph: the proposal to make this more succinct or remove it It would be useful to summarize the intent of the specification in broad terms such as, being neutral with respect to business data formats and IETF transfer protocols. If we mention enveloping, it should be to note that we use both SOAP and SOAP with attachments, and now (unlike in version 2.0) allow a single bodypart which allows simple SOAP enveloping.


1.2 Replace

“Each specification is self-contained, meaning a conforming implementation may ignore other ebXML specifications.”


“Each ebXML specification is to be usable independently of other ebXML specifications; therefore, a conforming implementation of ebMS may not conform to other ebXML specifications when an ebMS implementation is made available independently of implementing other ebXML specifications.”


Why: first the ebMS specification is not really self-contained because it references many other specifications. We do not even want it to be self-contained in a strong sense because violating SOAP or SOAP with attachments or WSS or WS-Rsomething will be part of being a conforming implementation.


 I think this is the place where we reflect on “loosely coupled and highly aligned” Unfortunately, while the loose coupling comes across, the high alignment does not appear as an expressed goal. I think some section should state that ebMS can be used with other parts of ebXML and reference where the alignment of specs with ebMS is discussed. This is for those implementers, who may exist, who want to implement ebMS with other ebXML protocols.  


1.6 ?? WS-I  what is going to be said here? Are there any proposals on the contents of this section yet?



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