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Subject: [ebxml-msg] Review of ebMS-3.0 Draft 06

I have tried to carefully review the whole spec draft, and so far I managed to review everything except for the following:


·         Security Module (page 38 to page 50)

·         Reliable Messaging Module (page 58 to page 64)

·         Reliable Messaging Profiling (page 66 to page 68

·         The rest of protocol binding (page 69 to 76)


The parts listed above that I have not yet reviewed were only because of time constraints, and I intend to review them as soon as time permits.


Attached are two documents. The document "ebMS-draft-06_Review.pdf" contains my review and comments on the parts of Draft 06 I have reviewed. The second document "ebMS3-ErrorModule.pdf" is a re-write of the Error Module section. Reviewing the error module section of the draft turned out to be too verbose and the cleanest way of doing it was to re-write the whole Error Module. I have not yet read the latest version of Error Module that Jacques posted to the list. So my review of the Error Module is really about what is currently written in draft 06 and does not reflect later changes to the draft. I am returning back to office on Thursday, and most likely my document about the Error Module will be merged with Jacques's latest re-write of the Error Module section.






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