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Subject: Faults, WSDL 2.0, errors

Here is some explanatory text proposed for WSDL 2.0


"The Interface component describes faults that have application level semantics, i.e. that the client or service is expected to handle, and potentially recover from, as part of the application processing logic. For example, an Interface component that accepts a credit card number may describe faults that indicate the credit card number is invalid, has been reported stolen, or has expired. The Interface component does not describe general system faults such as network failures, out of memory conditions, out of disk space conditions, invalid message formats, etc., although these faults may be generated as part of the message exchange. Such general system faults can reasonably be expected to occur in any message exchange and explicitly describing them in an Interface component is therefore redundant."


In our error and fault terminology section, are we aligned with the ideas expressed here.


While the WSDL section has been deferred to advanced features recently, we should still make distinctions compatible with the above.

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