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Subject: packaging comments

After a  detailed review of the message packaging with Hamid, prior to implementation:


Proposed Updates in Packaging Section:


1)       eb:UserMessage element to be renamed eb:UserMsgUnit. To avoid confusion with ebMS User Message, now that we have the notion of "message unit". (In a future release, bundling could allow several units within an ebMS Message.)

2)       eb:SignalMessage element to be renamed eb:SignalMsgUnit.

3)       eb:MessageId element is renamed to eb:UnitId. (only message units are really identified and referenced in  MEPs, not SOAP messages)

4)       eb:RefToMessageId element is renamed to eb:UnitRef.

5)       The attribute eb:Partref/@eb:id is removed (no different from an XML Id).

6)       The attribute eb:Partref/@eb:idref is renamed to eb:Partref/eb:cid. The absence of the attribute eb:cid in the element eb:Partref should indicate that the payload being referenced is nothing but the SOAP body element itself. For example, a declaration like the following would simply be referencing the contents of the SOAP body: <eb:PayloadInfo> <eb:Partref/> </eb:PayloadInfo>


7)       The element eb:property has two new optional attributes added to it: xsi:type and eb:cid. The attribute xsi:type indicates the XML type for the value of the property, while the attribute eb:cid indicates the content ID of a possible property attachment (when the value of a property is an attachment).


8)       It must be clearly stated in the spec that the value for the element eb:cid (whether in the attribute eb:property/@eb:cid, or in the attribute eb:PayloadInfo/eb:Partref/@eb:cid) should be the exact value of the "Content-ID" mime header element of an attachment. In other words, if the Content-ID mime header has a value like the following:


                    Content-ID: <someId@domain.com>


             then the value of the attribute eb:cid should be <someId@domain.com>,  not someId@domain.com or #someId@domain.com.


9)       Suggest that eb:Message element be renamed eb:Messaging. This reflects the name of the spec and avoid possible confusion with both ebMS Message (denotes the entire SOAP message containing this header) and with message unit.


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