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Subject: Feedback to ebMS3.0WD06- 21October2005


Here are comments from organizations in Japan
that are going to implement ebMS3.0.

Some of these are already discussed in the previous
telecons and some might duplicate with other issue
but I will include them for record. 

Comments from Yukinori Saito:
-Needs "Concepts and Purpose" for Pull Messaging.
 (Section 2.3.2, or Section 7) 
   E.g., Message and Pipes section has 
         "Concepts and Purpose" description.
         For Pull messaging, we can clarify Pull MEP allows
         Client/Server type messaging.

-Isn't it better to include how the message sender
  can send a message with Pull MEP? The spec can
  describes not only "how message receiver can receive 
  a message with Pull MEP", but also "how the sender
  can send a message". 

-Section4.3.2 is missing a semantics of PullRequest
  element. It describes an attribute only.

-Needs an example of XML instance for PullRequest
 in Section 4.3.2.

-Section7 is not completed.

Comments/questions from an implementation group in XML/EDI project
*I have added proposed resolution to some of them.
-Line 268 in Section 1.2
  The spec should clarify this is for both SOAP1.1 and SOAP1.2,
  if this is correct.

-Section 10.1 WS-Reliability Profile
  It is unclear what is the packaging for Acknowledgment message.
  Does it only include "wsrm:Response" element under SOAP Header? 
  And neither eb:Mesasge nor wsse:Security are required.
  Is this correct? The spec should clarify it. Example messages
  are helpful also.
-Section 4.2.15 eb:Message.../PartRef/Schema or Section4.1.3.4 SOAPBody
  Schema for Payload can be specified in the 
  However there is no element defined to specify the
  schema for SOAP Body, when business document was
  carried in the SOAP Body. Do we want extend PayloadInfo
  element to cover not only for Payload but also for SOAP Body
  e.g. We add attribute "soapbody" under ...PayloadInfo element.
  If the value is "1", then it indicates SOAP Body. When omitted,
  it means "0". And it means the information is for payload.

-Section7 or Section4.3.2
  The packaging for PullRequest message is not explicitly
  described. This might be resolved if we add example message.
  e.g., The PullRequest message is looks like this:
  <SOAP Envelope>
    <SOAP Header>
    </SOAP Header>
    <SOAP Body/>
  </SOAP Envelope>
-Section 7, Section 8.3.2 or Section 10
  The packaging for Reliable One-way Pull MEP
  is not clarified, especially for the Message
  that is pulled - The second message in the picture
  on page 63.
  The example message might be as follows:
  <SOAP Envelope>
    <SOAP Header>
            ... *This is ack to the PullRequest message
            ...  *This is to guarantee delivery of this message.
    </SOAP Header>
    <SOAP Body/>
  </SOAP Envelope>
  *Note this message may include payload(s).

-Section 5.6 or 8.3.2 or 
  How the ack for Pulled message looks like?
  Does it require to include UserNameToken
  in the Ack? It should be clarified in the spec. 
  Maybe in

  It is better to clarify the user message can
  be carried in "SOAP Body", "MIME Parts",
  or both. 

I feel many issue regarding Pull messaging can 
be resolved with completing section. I like to 
submit the draft.




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