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Subject: ebxml-jc 12/8/2005: Conformance for and compatibility between ebXMLSpecs

First, forgive the cross-posting.

There are some points that may be of interest to consider for the 
specifications originally part of the ebXML framework.  As a followup to 
the ebxml-jc meeting today, see the reference on the conformance and 
usage profile statements in the working draft of ebMS v3.0.  We have 
discussed conformance and compatibility (historical loose coupling and 
high alignment) of the specifications of the ebXML framework recently in 
CPP/A and ebBP.  To a more limited extent, this is also a question for 
Reg/Rep to consider.

>ebMS v3.0 draft reference - Document Description:
>Draft of a conformance Appendix section for ebMS3 (Dec 7, 2005).
>View Document Details:
>Download Document:  
(Note: There is no public post on this draft document).

For ebBP, we discussed the minimum set of requirements for our technical 
specification and how it could be used with others in the ebXML 
framework. We attempted to show the value of the specification itself 
and recognizing additional value with use with other technologies and in 
the context of compatibility with ebXML framework.  Here is an excerpt 
from the draft text for information:

As with all the other specifications in the ebXML framework, an ebBP process definition may be effectively used with other technologies. From 
the onset, these specifications have sought to be aligned as much as practical and capable of being composed together and capable of being 
used with other technologies. That flexibility and composability are important aspects not only to the adoption of these standards but their 
effective use and successful deployment into heterogeneous environments and across domains. 

In the context of this technical specification, Business Collaborations may be executed using the ebBP process definition and/or used with other 
technologies. As it relates to the other specifications in the ebXML framework, an ebBP process definition supports the loose coupling and 
alignment needed to execute Business Collaborations. This specification may also be used when several other software components are used to 
enable the execution of Business Collaborations. One example is the use of web services mapped to business transactions activities.  The ebBP 
technical specification is used to specify the business process related configuration parameters for configuring a BSI to execute and monitor 
these collaborations. The ebBP business semantics and syntax are also well-suited to enable definition of modular process building blocks that 
are combined in complex activities  to meet user community needs. [1]

I'd encourage some thoughts and suggestions on simple yet consistent 
(not exact but compatible) statements that may help effectively 
communicate the value of each specification while also show they can be 
effectively used together where required and configured as needed.

[1] Reference:
Spec pr r02: 
As amended by our recent discussion on composability (and its 

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