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Subject: RE: [ebxml-msg] Removing Security of Attachments from Core Spec

I know this has been discussed previously, but I'd like to bring it again on the table for discussion. I am suggesting deferring the security of attachments to Part 2 of the ebMS-3 Specification. The main reason for this is because the security of attachments is formally being part of WSS-1.1, whereas the core part of ebMS-3 spec only supports WSS-1.0. I don’t like the pick-and-choose approach (we can’t just pick one part of another version, but not support the whole version, or have a position between two versions). I understand the importance of security of the attachments for the business, but we can assure the audience that it will be covered in Part 2, which by the way can start before even finishing the core (we can start editing Part 2 in parallel to the Core draft if nobody minds that).



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