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Subject: onthe packaging of ebMS Errors

We propose the following update, after review of current CD:


1- the ebMS Error message that  relates to a previous ebMS message in  error, should not make use of the eb:MessageInfo/eb:RefToMessageId to do so (see 7.3). Instead, the eb:Error element should have its own reference element, say eb:Error/eb:RefToMessageInError (which points to the eb:MessageId of the message in error.)


Rationale: we authorize several eb:Error elements ( a list) within a single ebMS Signal Message. It is constraining to require that they all relate to the same message in error. Plus, some errors relate to messages, some don't (e.g. a non-message related error).


2- We need also to take a position on whether it is OK to bundle eb:Error element(s) with other signal elements (e.g. eb:PullRequest) within the same eb:SignalMessage. Fujitsu tends to favor this - e.g. errors on received pulled messages could be reported via the next PullRequest, reducing communication overhead.


Jacques and Hamid

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