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Subject: RE: Message Pipe Confusion

Title: RE: Message Pipe Confusion


Trying to make it shorter than Hamid's response ;-)

>So, how can an error message be assigned to a pipe, if the spec
> specifically says that signals (which errors are a type of signal) cannot > be assigned to a pipe?

Editorial inconsistency: should have been removed. Signals are no longer assigned to pipes as they could in earlier versions (that appeared to not be necessary, and caused more issues than it resolved, e.g. a PullRequest signal could not itself be pulled.)

> Also, I am confused about Signals not being assigned to a pipe. Do signals
> go back on the default pipe?

Pipes are just a way to partition the flow of user messages (not signal messages). Also a way to control which messages will be pulled first, and this again only concerns user messages. Absence of @pipe in a user message is associated with using the "default pipe" as it was more convenient to consider that a user message is always using a pipe.


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