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Subject: New term for "message pipe"

I keep having a hard time getting rid of the connotations of “pipe” from the unix world. A pipe, in that context, is a software component (an interprocess communication connector) that hooks the output from one software program to the input of a second (normally different) software program. There are named pipes also that can persist between processes, etc. Can we discuss finding a term for what we now call “message pipes” that does not have these associations?




Last modified: Sunday, September 01, 1996 




A temporary software connection between two programs or commands. Normally, the operating system accepts input from the keyboard and sends output to the display screen. Sometimes, however, it is useful to use the output from one command as the input for a second command, without passing the data through the keyboard or display screen. Pipes were invented for these situations.

One of the best examples of pipe usage is linking the command that lists files in a directory to a command that sorts data. By piping the two commands together, you can display the files in sorted order. In UNIX and DOS, the pipe symbol is a vertical bar (|). The DOS command to list files in alphabetical order, therefore, would be:


credit to http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/P/pipe.html


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