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Subject: RE: [ebxml-msg] Groups - Modified Proposed Agenda

The following is a modified agenda from the one sent by Ian. I propose the following:


1) Vote CD2 on Draft 12 modulo three editorial changes (changes described in (a), (b), and (c)). Pete would then release CD2

one day after (on Thursday April 13) with changes (a), (b) and (c) incorporated. One week after CD 2 vote (April 19), we vote CD3 and submission for public review at the same time.


2) Discuss the following changes AFTER CD2 vote:


(a)    Replace throughtout the draft all occurences of "mpflow" with "mpf". mpflow makes emphasis on the word "flow", whereas emphasis, if ever made, should be on the word "partition" not "flow". To be all neutral, "mpf" should be used. Besides, the schema is using "mpf" not "mpflow".


(b)    On Line 2150 (page 53, Error Handling Module), the attribute "origin" is optional not required. The only attribute that is required is rather "errorCode".


(c)    One page 42, I gave an example of a "Response User Message". The example does not contain the element "CollaborationInfo". This was done on purpose because I strongly believe that many Response User Messages do not need that element. However, after a debate with Dale who badly wants the element CollaborationInfo, the only temporary solution that could suit both parties (Dale and I) is to have the CollaborationInfo with empty action and service elements. Action Item: insert a collaborationInfo element in the example listing a “Response User Message”, but have the action and service elements be emplty (something like <Service/><Action/>), and at the end of the example, we should add a sentence staying that action and service elements MAY be empty for a Response User Message.


(d)    This one is minor but stronly desirable (at least for me): the table of contents show 4 levels. I suggest to show only 3 levels (for example thoughout should not be shown. Also if Pete could use Verdana 10 point or Verdana 9 point for the body text of the draft, that would be better than the arial font.


(e)    On page 10, the table should be ajusted (the column "Prefix" should be made shorter in order for the namespaces in the second column to show on one line only).


(f)    Figure 5 on page 18 need more details. First if we could find another drawing representation for the mpf (other than the pipe tube), that would be better. Second, the last use case where MSH J and MSH K are pulling messages from MSH G using the same mpf, this use-case is a little special and needs more explanation (it is not possible unless both MSH J and MSH K are serving the same action, service, and To parties).


(g)    Section 3.1 (page 21), I renamed P-Mode.protocol to P-Mode.channel on draft 9 that I wrote myself, but now it is renamed

    back to P-Mode.protocol. The reason I prefer the name P-Mode.channel is because I had included the MEP parameter in it. We

    all know now that the MEP is part of a P-Mode. However section 3.1 does not talk about it in the P-Mode parameters. I

    suggest to add MEP within the P-Mode.protocol and rename back P-Mode.protocol to P-Mode.channel.


(h)    Figure 7 on page 24 need to change as it shows pipes (tubes) instead of mpf. Another figure will be suggested and sent out to Pete.


(i)    Lines from 954 to 976 should all be removed (they say nothing special).


(j)    Lines 1047 to 1052 should be removed (we don't use the XML id attribute in ebMS-e packaging anymore).


(k)    Remove from the draft all occurences of words such as TBD, EdNote (example page 33, line 1061 for TBD, and page 39 line 1368 for "EdNode"). A voted CD should not have these words.


(l)    Reformat the error tables on pages 56, 57: Instead of having one big table that takes the whole width of the page where third column (Description and semantics) become short and text within it does not look nicley, it is better to split it into smaller tables. For each error, a small table with the following layout:



       Error Code: EBMS:0001

       Short Description: bla bla

       Recommended Severity: bla bla

       Category Value: bla bla

       Description or Semantics: bla bla



3) Adjuct - conformance


4) A.O.B.

    OASIS symposium meeting


5) Part 2





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