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Subject: RE: [ebxml-msg] Correction RE: [ebxml-msg] wd-12 section question

[Deleted ]


Also, where is a One-Way Push of a user message of type Response (so the refToMessageId is used)?


<JD> This would involve two SOAP MEPs, not just one. So that is no longer a “simple” ebMS MEP, but an aggregate ebMS MEP, not described in core part. We had this initially described as the “Two-way Push” aggregate MEP, decided to move it in part 2. It would be described as two ebMS One-way Push in opposite directions, one referring to the other (RefToMessageId). Do you see a need to say a word on this in part 1?


I definitely think our motto should be “ conservative convergence, with important user-requested enhancements”.


So since ebMS 2.0 has a number of modes of operation such as request response implemented as an “aggregate” MEP, we must explain how to do the same thing in ebMS MEP lingo.


Same with ebMS  2.0 syncReplyMode equal none


Same for ebMS 2.0 syncReplyMode equal mshSignalsOnly


Let me think a bit more about the other modes (SignalsOnly, ResponseOnly, Both) because we should align with the reliability patterns




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