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Subject: wd 12, section 9.0, Appendix

The OASIS ebXML Messaging Technical Committee has provided a version of the [SOAP11] envelope

schema specified using the schema vocabulary that conforms to the W3C XML Schema

Recommendation specification [XMLSCHEMA].



Do we still want to reference SOAP11 only? Shouldn’t we add SOAP12 reference?


It was necessary to craft a schema for the [XLINK] attribute vocabulary to conform to the W3C XML

Schema Recommendation. This schema is referenced from the ebXML SOAP extension elements

schema and is available from the following URL:



It has been pointed out to me that Xlink is now CR and is now at version 1.1


We don’t really use any advanced features of xlink. If we continue to reference it, should we not reference the version for 1.1?


They do have an (informative) xsd in the appendix. I cannot find a standalone URL for that schema yet. Still looking.




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