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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] Groups - ebXML Messaging weekly call added

Here are a few brief notes I took during last week's call, mostly to
remind myself of the few new issues, which have not yet been added to
the issue list.



OASIS ebXML Messaging Technical Committee
04 Oct 2006 Conference Call

  Dale Moberg
  Pete Wenzel
  Jacques Durand
  Hamid Ben Malek
  Kazinori Iwasa
  Ian Jones

ACTION: Pete to open new issues for each ednote in spec.
ISSUE: Replace new p-mode figure with one of higher quality from source.

Discussed Message Authorization draft from Jacques/Hamid
Open question: Should support of this method be required of gateway
  conformance profile?
Some prefer to present the share secret password mechanism described
  as an alternative to other (WSS for identity- or access control-
  token-based) method, which would be out of scope of the ebMS spec.

ISSUE: Replace 7.11.2 (which was carried over from ebMS2) with best current
approach for fulfilling nonrepudiation of receipt requirements. Include
non-normative reference to BPSS Receipt Ack signal.

ACTION: Ian to discuss nonrepudiation of receipt with ebXML JCC


Thus spoke Ian Jones (ian.c.jones@bt.com) on Tue, Oct 03, 2006 at 10:45:16PM +0000:
> The chair is still on Vacation but the conference Bridge will open at 2:30
> Pacific for the meeting to start and the chair will join as soon as
> possible.
>  -- Mr Ian Jones
> ebXML Messaging weekly call  has been added by Mr Ian Jones
> Date:  Wednesday, 04 October 2006
> Time:  02:30pm - 04:00pm PT

Pete Wenzel <pete.wenzel@sun.com>
Sun Microsystems, SOA & Business Integration
Standards & Product Strategy
+1 (626)471-6311, Sun x61311, US-Pacific TZ

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