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Subject: Edits for WD15

Edits proposed on updates introduced in pdf WD15:


L278 (section 1.3) the 1st sentence sounds weird:

"..is the specification of the MSH and its associated processing rules as a Web

Service."  do we mean "and its associated processing rules using Web Service standards"?


L281: "...; propose to remove the sentence with "EdNotes" starting "For example....coherent framework" as what it conveys

 is mostly repeated/detailed afterward, and developed L291 to L302.


- L280 replace "complete eBusiness" by "complete and coherent eBusiness"

-  add the following sentence just before L285:

"In order to achieve this, message security and reliability requirements are met through the

use of other Web Services standards and their implementations. The message SOAP body has been...."


L533: replace "SOAP Request-response MEP" with "SOAP Request-response MEP and SOAP

Response MEP"


L535: replace: "is an important aspect when defining ebMS MEPs."  by " is yet to be determined".


L626: replace "(@mpf)" with "(eb:PullRequest/@mpf attribute)


L793: replace "... is able to prioritize teh messages it received" with:

"... is able to prioritize the reception of its messages."


L1219: replace "cases (a), (c) or (d)" with "cases (1), (3) or (4)"


L1223: replace (a) and (c) with (1) and (3)


L1233: replace "child elements" with "children elements" to be conssitent with

rest of doc. Same for L1322.


L1375: replace "Inconsistent" with "ValueInconsistent"


L1376: replace "NotRecognized" with "ValueNotRecognized"


L2473: concatenate L2474 right after. (remove the NL)


L2485: replace "such as an Acknowledgement" with "such as a missing Acknowledgement"


L2489: replace : "(false delivery success)" with "(false delivery)"


L2723:  to dispatch these "EdNotes" text items to the right place. Should the 1st and 3rd bullet

(SOAP Fault) be moved into first bullet of 6.6? Second bullet seems to go in 10.2.1.



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