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Subject: Pull messaging - questions

A few questions about "pull" mode messaging. Some of this may be due to the fact that I am joining this discussion at the finishing stage, so please bear with me if all this has been discussed before.
1) Does this support a scenario wherein the Producer, the Responder MSH and the Initiator MSH are in three different sites on the Internet? That is, the Responder MSH acts as a gateway. The Producer and Initiator MSH only have outbound connections. This is the scenario that CDC uses to route messages between National Labs (e.g., LabCorp) and State DOHs. LabCorp (Producer) sends to CDC (Gateway, or Responder MSH) and State DOHs (Initiator MSH) poll from CDC.
2) How is status information (i.e., that a SOAP response was successfully received and
delivered by the Initiator of a "pull") fed back to the Responding MSH and/or to the Producer of the message?
3) How is reliability guaranteed on a SOAP response? What happens if the SOAP response
times out or the integrity check on the response fails? If there is no feedback (item 2 above), it is possible that the Responder MSH thinks that the message was delivered, but the SOAP response is not actually received.
4) When the Producer sends message to the Responder MSH, how does the Producer address the message to a specific polling MSH (Initiator MSH)? That is, can the Producer
specify the MPF? If so, the syntax of this message may need to be specified (I was not
able to find it in the spec).
5) Can the MPF be the partyID of a specific Initiator of a pull message?
6) Assuming that the Producer is a separate node, is the Producer's CPA with the Responder MSH only, or does it also need a CPA with the Initiator of the pull?
7) Is end-to-end (persistent) confidentiality / integrity between Producer and the Initiator of the PullRequest envisioned? In CDC's use case (described in 1 above), this is a definite need since the Producer (LabCorp) sends the data to intermediary (CDC) intended for the State DOH (Initiator of PullRequest) but does not intend for the data to be read by CDC. This requires encrypting the message with the Initiator's key so that the Responder MSH does not get to read the message contents. How does the Producer find the Responder MSHs key?

Raja Kailar, Ph.D.
CTO, Business Networks International, Inc.
Ph: (770) 399 0433
Cell: (678) 358 6553
Fax: (770) 234 6685

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